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R&R Ice/Hot Water Bag (pillow type)

R&R Ice/Hot Water Bag (pillow type)

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Pillow type: Easy to apply flat on large area.
Large cap opening: Allows for easy filling of various ice cube shapes and sizes.
Soft fabric: Soft to the touch to enhance comfort and coverage of injured area.
No Leakage: Special sewing technique create superior leak resistant.
Ice/Hot use: Suitable for both cold and hot therapy (Accept temperature:-20~70°C)
Patent No.: 
Certificate: ISO9001/ISO13485/CE/TUV

Outer Material: Polyester + TPU
Type: Pillow type
Size: 23cm x 33cm (pillow area)
Cap: Large Cap
Capacity: 1500mL
Colors: Blue, Red w/ white dot
Contents: Protective Silicone Ring (to be placed around the aluminium ring)

Made in Taiwan


  • Add water to the bag 3/4 full.
  • Place the cap on top of the bag and turn it clockwise until you cannot turn anymore.
  • Apply the bag flat on desired area to be treated.

For Ice Bag  
     For best results, add ice cubes to increase the cold effect.
※If ice cubes are too big, crush it first and then add.

For Hot Bag  
     Add some cold water to keep the water temperature at a safe and comfortable level.
     For best result, pour 50°C- 60°C (recommended) hot water into bag and screw the cap on before use.
※Do not pour 100°C boiling water  directly into the bag.


  • This product transfers cold so effectively that condensation may occur in a humid climate. Bag can be wrapped in a soft towel if condensation is not desired or to protect sensitive skin areas.
  • Never sit, lie, or press down against the water bag.
  • Cold or hot therapy is generally recommended for treatment no longer than 20 minutes per use.
  • When using as treatment of post-surgical trauma, follow the instructions of your medical practitioner.

Do not crush ice in the bag or force fused cubes through mouth opening.
Do not place heavy or sharp objects on top of bag.
Do not expose bag to direct sunlight or heat.
After using, drain and air dry bag before replacing cap.
Store in a dry place.

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