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OppO X-Back Knee Brace 2123

OppO X-Back Knee Brace 2123

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Effective multi-way support for weak and painful knees.

Product Features:

  • X-cross elastic behind knee cap offers comfort and proper fit.
  • 4-way, X-action design and construction provide excellent fit and effective support for injured knees.
  • Support natural knee action without slipping, rolling or binding.
  • Designed to provide comfortable, firm support to the injured, weak and stiff knee.
  • Soft cotton helps to provide comfort during wear.


  • Mild strain/ sprain
  • Weak knee

How to wear:

  • Hold the top of brace using both hands, one on each side.
  • Insert foot into brace and pull up to the knee.
  • X-cross elastic should be behind the knee.


Measure around the knee joint

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