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OppO Hinged Knee Stabilizer Neoprene 1031

OppO Hinged Knee Stabilizer Neoprene 1031

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OppO supports are designed with a neoprene rubber layer of the ideal thickness, sandwiched between durable cotton and nylon laminates. The support helps retain body heat and increase blood circulation, which accelerates the body's natural healing process, relieving pain, swelling and stiffness and helping injuries to recover faster. It also reduces the risk of new or recurring injuries by creating greater flexibility in muscles, tendons and ligaments.

  • Breathable Neoprene material
  • 100% inside cotton lining

Product Features:

  • Neoprene circle pad around the patella provides padded protection and stabilization to prevent patella displacement.
  • Two medial and lateral stays provide additional support and stability for the knee.
  • Two hook and loop straps insure comfortable fit and stabilization during activities.
  • Helps relieve pain from tendinitis and arthritis.
  • Retains body heat to warm knee joint and increases blood circulation.


  • Patellar subluxation/tilting
  • Collateral ligament injury
  • Cruciate ligament sprain
  • Moderate sprain/ strain

How to wear:

  • Insert foot into knee stabilizer and pull up to the knee.
  • Be sure the opening is on kneecap and hinge axis align with the knee joint.
  • Secure the upper two small hook and loop straps.
  • Thread through buckles and secure the upper and lower hook and loop straps to desired compression.


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