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[NEW] Dynamo Cyclone Cane | Walking Cane | Walking Stick

[NEW] Dynamo Cyclone Cane | Walking Cane | Walking Stick

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The “Best Cane Ever”.  The perfect cane - best balanced, most functional – a workhorse. All the features you always wanted to have integrated into one device and it’s gorgeous with a silky anodized finish that compliments any outfit.

This horizontal grip cane is more versatile and stable than other canes on the market. It has a forward-facing, spring-loaded, super soft grip that makes walking a breeze, even if you have arthritis. There is even a place on the back of the grip for a hand strap if you like. Everyone should have one of these.


All-weather, all-terrain Cyclone Tip base has open channels that flex to maintain surface contact

  • Recommended for anyone of any body shape and supports 300 lbs (136kg) of pressure on the grip and shaft
  • Strong Aluminum frame construction
  • Weighs 0.49kg
  • Proper - Forward-facing grip
  • 12-degree CrossBow balance bent tube design
  • Adjustable height. Recommended for users 4'6" to 6'4"
  • Imported. Designed in USA.

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