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Biotest Midstream Pregnancy Test

Biotest Midstream Pregnancy Test

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BIOTEST Pregnancy Test Midstream (Urine) is a rapid chromatographic
immunoassay for the qualitative detection of human chorionic gonadotropin
(hCG) in urine to aid in the early detection of pregnancy.

• Test Device
• Desiccant
• Instruction for Use

Parts of the test kit:

How to use the test kit:
Step 1:
• Read instructions carefully before use.
• It is preferred to perform the test on the first morning urine
because the first morning urine contains the highest amount of
• Check that the pouch is completely sealed then open the pouch.
Step 2:
• Remove the cap from the device.
Step 3:
• Hold the device by the handle with the exposed absorbing tip
pointing downwards.
• Place the wick into the urine stream for at least 10 seconds;
making sure that the entire tip is wet.
(Note: Do not urinate on the result window of the device. If
you prefer, you can urinate into a clean and dry container,
then dip only the absorbent tip of the midstream test into the
urine for at least 10 seconds.)
• Remove the device from the urine stream (if you like, you may
replace the cap - replacing the cap will not effect the results).
Step 4:
• Place the device on a flat surface with the window facing up. You
will notice a pink color moving across the result window indicating
that the test reaction is taking place.
Step 5:
• Read results within 5 minutes. Look for colored bands (lines) to
appear in result window.
• Test results should not be read after 5 minutes.

1. Do not use the test after the expiration date.
2. If the package is not completely sealed do not use the test
3. The test should be performed in a well-lit area.
4. Use the test device immediately after opening it.
5. Do not touch the test window. This could affect results and may also impose personal hazards.
6. The pouch contains a dessicant pack to absorb humidity. Do not open the pack. Throw it away with the remaining of the test.
7. At the end of the test, wrap every thing you have used in a plastic bag and throw away in the pin. Do not forget to wash your hands properly.

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