SOMA Agile Detachable Transport Wheelchair

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Agile is simple, but never ordinary. It is built with aircraft aluminum, which makes it light in weight and durable in use.

Unlike the traditional transfer wheelchair, Agile not only offers multi-adjustability but also evolves to provide a wider variety of options to serve each individual’s needs.



Easy to Transfer

Did you know a fall is more likely to occur for the wheelchair user when moving on or off the wheelchair?

Detachable armrests
The standard flip-back armrests make moving from side to side easy and quick.

Smart removable footrests
The 80º removable footrests ensure a safe transfer into and out of the wheelchair.

Intuitive functionality

The SOMA Agile Wheelchair has an intuitive buttons for functionality such as large button for the flip-up armrest and an ergonomic lift trigger for the smart removable footrests.

Anatomically fit tension-adjustable backrest

This unique feature is special with the SOMA Agile Wheelchair. The Velcro-adjusted backrest is created to remove pressure from the seat and provide comfort for the back.

It is also built to maintain the proper anatomical posture of the spine while seated.

Smooth and Agile Movement

Agile wheelchair is designed with the caregiver in mind.

With advanced engineering, this chair is very easy to push and turn around. If you are a caregiver who is over 50 years old, you will definitely benefit from the chair’s agility in your everyday adventures.

Robust and Reliable

Agile is approved for transportation in accordance with ISO 7176-19 Crash Test. This means it is suitable to be used as a seat in a motor vehicle for transportation.

Compact & Sturdy

Agile with 14 inches attendant propel wheel is not only compact but also sturdy, making your everyday travel life easier.

With the backrest and seat folded, the chair’s compact size reaches 76cm (length)* 78cm (height), making it very convenient to carry and travel with.

Overall size L x W x H (mm)
1025 x 652 x 936

Overall Folded L x W x H (mm)
713 x 280 x 760

The Agile also comes in with a built-in anti-tipper for extra safety and stability

Lightweight yet heavy duty

Agile is only 12.7kg (small wheel) & 13.5kg (big wheel) which is lighter than your carry on luggage.

The SOMA Agile Wheelchair is also robust  and sturdy with maximum user weight of 125kg