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ETAC Edge Shower Stool

ETAC Edge Shower Stool

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A stable and safe three legged stool thanks to its unique design

Fits perfectly in the corner of the shower where the walls provide back stability for the user. Etac Edge can also be used the other way around as a saddle seat which relieves the strain on an aching hip. Also available in a Low version.

Product Features:

Easy to fit
The push button lock function makes it easy to both fit and remove the legs.


Easy and safe
The oval shape prevents the telescopic legs from turning when adjusting the height.

To ensure stability, the legs are angled outwards. This means that the higher the seat, the larger the footprint.


Ferrules with a firm grip
The ferrules squeeze away the water and adapt perfectly to the floor.

Product Specifications:

Seat height

44-59 cm. Lav: 37-44 cm.

Seat height, low

37-44 cm


50–52 cm
Low: 49–50 cm


Grey, ice blue


2.6 kg
Low: 2.4 kg

Maximum user weight

130 kg


Seat: Polypropylene
Legs: Aluminium, polyamide
Ferrules: TPE

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