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Apex DOMUS 1 Ripple Mattress 2.5"

Apex DOMUS 1 Ripple Mattress 2.5"

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DOMUS is a series of therapeutic support surfaces designed for a wide range of conditions from prevention to serious pressure ulcer. With evidence-based development, each model in DOMUS series is verified by Dynamic Pressure Mapping Test to trace real-time internal pressure between the mattress and body to ensure the effectiveness of pressure redistribution to offload the pressure occurring in the deep tissue.

  • Suitable for patients in low risk of pressure injury
  • This light weight and compact alternating pressure pad is composed of 2.5" height bubble cells and easy to install
  • It is an ideal transition mattress for homecare
  • Features alternating therapy mode
  • With weight indicator reference to facilitate optimized pressure setting
  • 130pcs of 2.5" bubbles



Treatment of pressure sore STAGE I & PREVENTION:

2.5” height bubble pad | Max Capacity 100kg


Treatment of pressure sore STAGE I & II:

4” height alternating overlay mattress | Max Capacity 140kg


Treatment of pressure sore STAGE I to IV:

5”+3”or 8” height alternating overlay mattress | Max Capacity 200kg

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