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Abena Man Formula 1 Bladder Protection Pads

Abena Man Formula 1 Bladder Protection Pads

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Abena-Man is Abena’s specialized range of male incontinence products. Adult incontinence products come in many shapes and sizes, but our male pads are specifically shaped to fit the male anatomy. The design of Abena-Man incontinence pads provides a discreet solution that enables the user to lead a normal and active life.

Abena-Man Fomula provides ultimate protection against leakage through unique, pocket shaped, comfortable lengthwise barriers. The product ensures optimum comfort and security due to the special shape adapted to the male anatomy. Micro punctured top sheet, channel systems and frontal double Top Dry layer provides fast dispersion of the liquid and a dry surface next to the skin. The breathable Air Plus backing is soft and discreet, allowing the skin to breathe, reducing the risk of skin problems. Secure fixation is ensured by the self-adhesive strip, which can be positioned excellently in close-fitting underwear.



Product Specifications:

Units Per Pack 15
Absorbency 450ml
Front Width 22cm / 9"
Rear Width 10cm / 4"
Length 27cm / 10.6"
Waterproof Backing Type Breathable Textile Backing
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