Virulex Waterless Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

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VIRULEX WATERLESS Alcohol based hand sanitizer
Hygienic hand sanitizer that contain alcohol as components for health. Hygienic hand sanitizer reduces the spread of germs without rinsing. Contains high-quality alcohol with 70% v/v follow CDC and WHO guidelines and moisturizing substances can act effectively and can be used often without drying the skin.

  • The same formula that is used and sold in the hospitals around the country.
  • High efficiency kill germs more than 99.9999% within 15 seconds.
  • Gentle on the skin with a mixture of skin moisturizers. Does not cause dry skin. Fresh scent.
  • Portable size 50, 120 and 450 ml. Convenient to use.

Why use Virulex hand sanitizers?

  • Produced with the same raw materials and standards as pharmaceutical production.
  • Special benefit to kill many strains of germs.
    • There are efficacy tests from the Department of Medical Sciences guarantee.
    • Efficacy testing results from the certification lab.
    • Manufactured from high quality raw materials.
    • Manufactured from the international standard factory, ISO 13485, ISO9001.
    • Trusted to be used in leading hospitals in the country.
    • Best after sales service.
  • Can eliminate pathogens more than Log 6 reduction or more than 99.9999% (99.9% general products) within 15 seconds.