Sterex NA High Level Disinfectant Pads

Sterex NA High Level Disinfectant Pads

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The advanced synergistic high level broad spectrum biocidal, to clean and disinfect the surface areas that have been proven highly effective against C.difficile, MDR-TB, XDR-TB, H37Rv, NTM and a range of multi-drug resistant organisms(MDROs), bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses etc.

PACKAGING: 200 Pads/Bottle

*STEREX-S ( Cationic Antiseptic Compounds ) 1.0% w/w and other excipients for synergistic activity.

Ready to use pad of High Level Disinfectant for surface areas.

- Residual Barrier Protection (RBP).
- Eradicates MDROs (Multidrug Resistant Organisms),
Spores, Fungi, Viruses and mycobucterial such as C.difficille, MDR-TB, H37Rv and NTM.
- Achieve 6 log Reduction, kill rate 99.9999%, against the spores within 1 minute.
- Non toxic(Food safe), Non irritating, Non corrosive, Non tainting.
- Non respiratory/skin/eye irritation.
- Not harmful to the Environment & fully biodegradable.
- Aldehyde free.
- Phenol free.
Formulated specially for the control / prevention of cross contamination.