OppO AccuTex Knee Protector 2924

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What is Accutex?

3D Knitting: Anatomical fit around the contour of the joint for perfect body compliance. Allows for a precise fit and optimum support to ensure the highest level of protection during rehabilitation.

Multi-compression Levels: Three compression levels from gentle, moderate to high densities provide a targeted support to stimulate musculoskeletal system for muscle activation and joint stabilization.


Product Feature:
  • High density weave around the patella keeps it from tilting.
  • Higher compression bilateral U-shaped bands enhance knee stability.
  • Bilateral spiral stays provide additional knee stability and better support, helping prevent ligament sprain.
  • Wrinkle weave positioned on the popliteal fossa allows greater flexibility when bending the knee.



  • Weak knee
  • Mild strain / sprain