Laitest Face Mask CNS15980 Grade B (Made in Taiwan)

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$16.00 for 2 packs

2 masks / pack

The perfect protection with N95 capabilities.

External Material: Polypropylene material
Internal Material: non-woven, EP fabric material
Type: 3 layers and 3D design
Size : 19.6cm (adult)

- Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) Standards of 99%
- Designed for adults filter mask:

  • Effectively protects against: sub-micron particles, fine dust, biological agents (bacteria, or viruses), and fluid splashes.
- Three layer Design :
  • External layer - Fluid splash resistant and odor absorbing layer.
  • Filter layer - Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) standards of 99%.
  • Inner layer - soft fiber material, provides a comfortable feeling for prolonged wear.

- 3D Design

  • 3D design can avoid direct contact from mouth to the mask, increase the comfort of wearing.